$21million for Bondi apartment

So The Swiss Grand Hotel on Campbell Parade just closed it’s doors.

Not that it was something close to my heart. It was not a part of Bondi that I was particularly fond of, but many people have been asking why this hotel is now going to be turned into residential and rentable apartments.

goodbye Swiss Grand, make way for the Pacific Apartments...

Well as you might expect, the potential to make more money from residential apartments versus hotel rooms (which have slow and down times in the winter months) was an obvious reason for the sale.

Two penthouses were recently purchased (off-the-plan) of the new upcoming development, Pacific Bondi Beach, with the intention of combining them into one uber apartment.

When I discovered how much was recently paid for these two penthouses – amongst other feelings – I was somewhat stunned.

At $21million dollars (apart from being an obscene amount of money to pay for an apartment), this is apparently the highest price paid for an apartment in this country.
Now I know why I find everything so damn expensive about living here these days – because it IS!!

Well I could say a lot about this here – but I won’t.
I will restrain myself.

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