Articles from May 2010

Another Bondi Tram Leaves Bondi

Last year The Bondi Tram Disco part of the Bondi Hotel, and the Gould Street drive-through bottlo vanished when the bulldozers came in to make way for yet another development at Bondi Beach. Known as The Beach House this new 5-storey development will comprise residential apartments and retail spaces. Waverley Councillor Mayor Sally Betts has […]

Before Bondi Became a BRAND

Before Bondi became a BRAND… – you could buy pies and cream puffs from the Flying Pieman at 3.30 in the morning – there were 3 petrol stations on Campbell Parade – the Astra was a grungy pub renowned for being somewhere you could always score – you’d have ‘eyeballs’ at ‘the concrete’ – you could buy […]

The Bondi Wave & The Monument

Early in 1992 I arrived back in Bondi after spending 3 months holidaying and working in Thailand. When I returned to Sydney, it was difficult to find work. I’d been a bit of a bedroom musician…played keyboards/piano, had jammed with friends and had dabbled in songwriting. Then a friend of a friend told me about […]

Imagining My Bondi

I expect that when most people think about Bondi they’re thinking of the beach area, or of the Campbell parade area. For me, “Bondi” is actually quite a large area. Although a lot of things in this blog may be primarily concerned with the Beach area of Bondi, when I’m imagining Bondi, I‘m not just […]

Virgin Blog

Today was a stunningly beautiful warm autumn day in Sydney, 26 degrees and it’s almost mid-May. Of course Bondi just shone. Great day to be starting this blog. You could say I’m a Bondi girl…I was born in Bondi, grew up in Bondi and I still live in Bondi. There have been a couple of […]