Where Did The Summer Go?

Well with Summer officially over in about two weeks, if you live in Sydney, you might well be wondering “but did it even start?”
According to the stats, it’s been the coldest summer since 1965, the coldest December in 51 years and the coldest and wettest January in 11 years.

Lots has been written about and spoken about the weather here in Oz of late.
For example, check out these links to the ABC and the Wentworth Courier websites.

Queenslanders had to endure bad floods (again) and Sydney has had the worst summer that anyone here can remember – well around my vintage anyway.
Rain, rain and rain, cold temparutes and almost every day has been like four seasons in one day. Not the stock standard summers us Sydneysiders are used to.
But the weather is something you can’t change – you just have to deal with it.
Apparently it’s all due to El Nino and climate change.

Despite mother nature trying to mess with our heads, there have been some glorious days at Bondi Beach over the last few weeks – it’s just that there has been way too much grey sky in between.

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