More Development Shvelopment

Here are some pics I took of various developments in Bondi during a one week period in June 2010, except the first one which was taken several months prior…

Formerly shops at Nth Bondi bus terminal area, corner of Hastings and Campbell Parades

Formerly Nth Bondi Police Station, corner of Hastings Parade & Wairoa Ave

same as above

same as above

Bondi Hotel from car park area just behind Campbell Parade

same as above

Bondi Hotel from the walk-bridge opposite

same as above

Gould St bottlo, back of the Bondi Hotel

same as above

Formerly Bombora Bar & back of Bondi Hotel, Corner Curlewis & Gould Streets


  1. Annie says:

    Great blog! Being a Western Australian Bondi Beach was the first place I headed when I reached Sydney in 1986, the rot had already set in but there was still an atmosphere, a whiff of history. She sure is looking pretty ugly now, very sad to see the degradation of a great Australian icon.

  2. Gina says:

    Really interesting blog on Bondi. I am not from Sydney originally so missed out on a lot of the history you talk of. Made me feel sentimental all the same for the old Bondi. I agree about the grunge giving the character.

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