Welcome to BONDI BANTER, a tapestry of personal recollections, historical fascinations, current observations and stuff of all things Bondi, past and present.

I’m a Bondi girl…I was born in Bondi, grew up in Bondi and I still live in Bondi. There have been a couple of years here and there, where I lived in nearby suburbs, but even then, I spent so much of my time in Bondi that I have pretty much been a Bondi local all of my life. My roots are in Bondi and many of my friends and family live here and grew up here so I’ve always had a very strong relationship to this place.

Bondi – the beach, the suburb in it’s broadest sense, and the Junction – has featured in so many key markers of my life.

I am passionate about a lot of things concerning Bondi including it’s history, the way it was before I was around, the changes I have witnessed over the years, the ongoing development of it being a tourist hotspot and huge money spinner and it’s future.

So this blog was probably an inevitability.

please join the banter…

Carolyn, the bondimermaid
May 2010

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