End of an Era

The days are noticeably getting shorter and cooler. Summertime is now over. Autumn is here and as the onslaught of tourists in Bondi is beginning to fade, so too are many iconic Bondi landmarks and institutions.

Goodbye Hakoah Club, The Boheme is movin' in 17/4/11

Many visible changes have been happening in Bondi of late, and this month sees the beginning of the end of the low-end village-like atmosphere of Hall Street and Gould Street. There’s the destruction of the Bondi Hotel bottlo and the erection of new shops and arcade in its place. And of course the rather huge development of the Hakoah Club site and its adjoining properties. These are clearly movements away from the once un-selfconscious character of old Bondi towards the now well and truly entrenched commercial, trendy, new Bondi. I wonder how many more Oportos or Nandos or McDonalds or Hungry Jacks will pop up in the months ahead? How many more parking meters and tourist dollars can we squeeze into Bondi until we can’t recognise it anymore?


  1. What a shame about the Hakoah club !

  2. Christov10 says:

    Raven above and to the left of black smoke-mark a harbinger of evil? Miserable what you’ve described happening to your part of the world. Don’t let it eat you up.

    • bondimermaid says:

      Ha-ha! Not sure that evil is on it’s way to Hall Street, but the building is now rubble. I’ll probably put up some pics of it at some point. Am impressed with your acute observational skills! I hadn’t noticed the black bird before.

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  1. The big blue thing in the middle of Hall Street

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