Sunday Markets

Candle Stall at Bondi Markets January 2011

Every Sunday, Bondi Beach Public School hosts the Bondi Markets. Today, I decided to take a walk to the Markets. It’s been ages since I’ve been there.

As I wandered through the Markets, it really struck me today how much the Markets have changed over the years. There are now primarily up-market stalls with designer fashion, some stalls selling “contemporary vintage” wares, and jewellery stalls. I saw a few stalls selling second-hand clothes but there was very little in the way of bric-a-brac and authentic vintage. I don’t think I saw any furniture for sale at all.

When the Markets opened in 1993 until recently, there used to be a lot more variety in terms of up-market stuff, down-market stuff and everything in between. Now it seems to be more about selling a brand.

Still, I enjoyed checking out what people are making and selling, having a general mosey around the stalls and being inspired by the creativity there on a beautiful summer’s day.

Tarot Card reading still happens at the Markets, January 2011

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