Salt Water Therapy

I had the opportunity to do a few laps this morning and my heart and head were in desperate need of some salt water therapy. Didn’t feel like dealing with Bondi waves today so headed down to one of my favourite spots…only a few minutes drive from Bondi Beach, is the gorgeous harbour beach of Nielsen Park.

Nielsen Park - taken with my Hipstamatic iPhone app, 8/2/11

I was a bit surprised to find Nielsen so quiet today. Only a handful of people around and virtually no-one in the water. I got my goggles on and ventured in. The sky looked rather ominous and the water was quite cool at first. But then, after a few strokes… it felt delicious. I just felt so good swimming in there. To top it off, I never saw so many fish as I did this morning. There was a large school of them, stretching for something like 10 or 15 metres. Am not sure what kind of fish they were, but they were about 15-20cm long and pale-ish in colour.

Rain thereatened but held off. After I got out of the water the sun decided to come out for a bit and I lapped it up while I could… nothing like some sun and salt water therapy!


  1. Jason Ross says:

    Nielsen is by far my favourite down time spot. We did the Hermitage Foreshore to Vaucluse walk which cuts through Nielsen – stunning way to spend an arvo with the kids.

  2. bondimermaid says:

    I agree Jason, Nielsen is my favourite spot to get my non-ocean salt water therapy.
    I must admit that I haven’t done the walk you mention, but will put that on my “To Do” list. Thanks for the tip. There are so many beautiful walks that you can do in the Eastern Suburbs, we are spoilt here with lovely ocean and harbour coastlines.

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