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Happy New Year

When it comes to massive crowds on Bondi Beach….New Year’s Day is always a biggie, and yesterday was no exception! December 2011 was such an abysmal month of “summer” weather, so the blue skies and hot weather attracted a fair few people to the sand yesterday. I also decided to head down with the family […]

Salt Water Therapy

I had the opportunity to do a few laps this morning and my heart and head were in desperate need of some salt water therapy. Didn’t feel like dealing with Bondi waves today so headed down to one of my favourite spots…only a few minutes drive from Bondi Beach, is the gorgeous harbour beach of […]

One/One/One One

Yesterday was the last day of 2010. It was a gorgeous Sydney summer’s day, perfect for swimming and sunning, and a lovely night, topped off by another great Sydney NYE fireworks display over our magnificant harbour. Today, it was another hot, sunny beautiful day in Sydney and many people thought that hanging out on Bondi […]

Imagining My Bondi

I expect that when most people think about Bondi they’re thinking of the beach area, or of the Campbell parade area. For me, “Bondi” is actually quite a large area. Although a lot of things in this blog may be primarily concerned with the Beach area of Bondi, when I’m imagining Bondi, I‘m not just […]